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Title High Street MUDFEST 2013!
Posted by High Street Market (ip:)
  • Date 2013-04-07
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High Street Market
Mudfest 2013!

Dates: July 20-21
Cutoff: July 14th @ Midnight

On your way to Mudfest this year?
You should be!

Mudfest is one of, if not THE LARGEST gathering of foreigners and Koreans of the year. A week long festival spanning two weekends, stage shows, music, mud festivities, and endless
partying on Boryeong's Daecheon beach!
Check out the official site here!

It's no secret that the food options at Mudfest are mediocre and best. Unless you're a sucker for Lotteria or you haul your own cooler over there stocked full of food, there's going to be a point where you wish you had some good grub to chow down on.

This is where we come in.

High Street Market is offering FREE delivery to your motel, hotel, pension, or whatever other accommodation you're using this year at Mudfest 2013! We are personally going to deliver to Mudfest so no need to worry about delivery companies not making it there on time or not showing up.

With a minimum purchase of W100,000 for a single order, you can feast like a king (or queen) for the whole weekend and give a little smirk to those eating their kimbap or Lotteria burgers.

We are offering the following discounts and specials for individuals and tour groups:

Group Spend Delivery Bonus!
Individuals/Private Groups W100,000 Free -
W200,000 Free 1 Grill + W10,000 Off
W350,000 Free 2 Grills + W20,000 Off
Tour Groups W500,000 Free 2 Grills + W35,000 Off
W750,000 Free 3 Grills + W50,000 Off
W1,000,000 Free 4 Grills + W75,000 Off

Just place your order as you normally would and indicate in the comments
that you want it for Mudfest!. Deliveries will be made before 2PM on Saturday the 20th.

Please include the following details in the comments section, or send email to:

1. Motel/Hotel/Pension Name
2. Address
3. Phone number of location
4. Name of person receiving order and/or room number

*Grills are portable charcoal grills and will be bundled with 1kg of briquettes per grill
*If grills are not required, they can be substituted for an extra W15,000 off per grill
*Discounts will be given in the form of a bank transfer refund. Please provide the details for the bank you would like the bonus sent to including: bank name, account number, and person's name.
*Orders may be subject to changes and substitutions based on the inventory status closer to the delivery date
*Please provide date of delivery, address of motel/hotel/pension, contact phone number, and person who will receive shipment by email or on notes section located on order form
*Purchase of a cooler is REQUIRED for cold and/or frozen items
*Information subject to changes

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